Why Affiliate Website Penalized by Google?

An affiliate website is a dream for affiliate marketer but sometimes destroy your dream for few reasons. Today, I describe few things.   

Over Optimise Keyword

Now a days, google is smart enough. So, don't stuffing keyword. Keep your content flow natural.

If your content do not demand keyword, Don't do this. In my case, In 3000 word content I use 4-5 times, Sometimes 2-3 times only. Do not try to over push.       

Duplicate Content

Google loves fresh and unique content. So do not try to use duplicate content. If you do this? Gone!  

Always avoid plagiarism content, Internal or External check everything. you can use this site for measure plagiarism ratio.   

Go Siteliner and paste your site URL. It's time to solve.

Low Quality Spun Content

Low quality spun content is harmful for your site.

Buy mass link from fiverr

Fiverr.com is a freelance marketplace where you can buy link. Fiverr has few seller who are spammer If you get link from them your site is in risk

Use more exact match anchor

Do not use over optimize anchor for more juice. keep it natural.

Get Link from Low-quality PBN

Nowadays PBN is also a risky link building method. Do not build link in low quality PBN 

Negative SEO

If you are attack negative SEO by your competitor or someone. 

Use only commercial content

Google doesn't love commercial content because google try to add value to visitor so use more info content.

Aggressive affiliate link Use

Do not use affiliate link with aggressive way. Keep natural  

Match C class IP

If match your money site C class Ip with existing domain that already penalized you would be in risk.

Author: Al Mamun

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