Why Affiliate Website Penalized by Google?

Why Affiliate Website Penalized by Google

An affiliate website is a dream for affiliate marketer but sometimes destroy your dream for few reasons. Today, I describe few things.   Over Optimise KeywordNow a days, google is smart enough. So, don’t stuffing keyword. Keep your content flow natural.If your content do not demand keyword, Don’t do this. In my case, In 3000 word … Read more

Best Shared Hosting 2018

Best shared hosting

What is HostingHosting is a place, where we host or keep our website.Shared hosting is most popular hosting now in the world. why? Take a look Features check Fully managed server check No need technical knowledge check Low price check Support by hosting provider check Free cPanel check Huge One click App check Free WebmailNow come … Read more

Managed Service for Cloud Hosting

Service for Cloud Hosting

Tired with your current shared hosting? Lost your visitor for site Speed?Don’t worry. Mugdoworld provide managed cloud hosting service.Our Recommended Cloud Hostings  check Digital Ocean check Linode check VultrWhat You Get from Us check Set Hostname with timezone check Add new User  check Generate SSH Key check Disable Root login  check Provide more security check … Read more


ssh key

An SSH key is an access credential in the SSH protocol. We can login our server without password cause SSH key allow It. It is automated process for user and provide more secure our server.Create SSH key in Linux or Mac  Run this command from your local server. ssh-keygen For more security run this command … Read more

Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?Shared hosting is general type of hosting or place where hosting provider host unlimited websites.For make sense, think about, In one large room live huge people and they can share every single resource like TV, Fridge, Kitchen, Wash room.     Pros check Low Price and affordable check Managed server check Support by … Read more